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Retroactive jealousy in relationships: What to do when fixated on your partner’s past

We all get jealous occasionally—but retroactive jealousy can make someone start obsessing over their partner’s romantic past. Retroactive jealousy can be so intense that it can derail a person’s relationship, mental health, and ability to trust others.  Although this type of relationship anxiety can warp someone’s views on their partner…

Understanding and dealing with emotional manipulation tactics

Spotting emotional manipulation is vital—and unfortunately, deceptive behaviors are all too common in many relationships. Whether you’re struggling with manipulative communication, actions, or experiences, it’s crucial to safeguard your emotional health and protect your relationships and yourself. We’ve assembled a streamlined guide to understanding and dealing with emotional manipulation. Learn…

How to gain someone’s trust back: Manageable steps for rebuilding security and stability in relationships

To make mistakes is to be human—but when our actions result in us hurting someone we’re close to, it’s possible to lose their trust. And odds are, if you’re reading this, you’ve either lost someone’s trust, or are searching for ways to forgive someone for something they’ve done to you….

World Bipolar Day: A time to become educated, spread awareness, and destigmatize bipolar disorder I and II

World Bipolar Day is celebrated on March 30th every year. This day, which focuses exclusively on bipolar disorder I and II, is non-coincidentally the birthday of the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh, who was posthumously diagnosed with bipolar disorder. World Bipolar Day aims to inform and destigmatize the general public…

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