Online Christian Counseling—Work with a Christian Counselor By Video or Telephone

Online Christian Counseling: Faith-Based Guidance

Online counseling, otherwise known as e-counseling, is an effective alternative to in-person counseling. In the traditional in-person therapy setting, you meet with your therapist at the local therapy office. In online counseling, however, you can meet with your therapist from wherever you choose—your home, your office, or any other space you find suitable.

If you’re looking for Christian Counseling, consider working with online Christian counselors. These professionals can provide you with help and guidance that is fueled by the Christian faith, over video or phone. All you need to get started with Online Christian Counseling is access to a telephone, a computer, or another device and a reliable internet connection. Then, you can choose where you’d like to hop on your call or into your videoconference for your appointment.

Christian online counseling allows you to enjoy convenience and comfort, as you work with your online Christian counselor through the mental health challenges or life issues that stand before you.

Christian Counseling: What Is It?

Christian Counseling is a form of faith-based counseling that utilizes psychological and spiritual techniques to guide and support. Often, Christian therapists incorporate prayer and scripture reading into Christian Counseling to help practicing Christians overcome their trials. The exact focus of treatment will vary from person to person, as it is based on one’s specific challenges, goals, and needs.

If you decide to pursue online Christian counseling, your online Christian counselor will discuss Christian values and relate them to your unique struggles. You can expect to discuss the following in your Christian Counseling sessions:

  • Your Christian identity and relationship with God
  • What the bible says about your current challenges
  • How you can overcome your struggles in a way that aligns with your faith
  • How to channel your religion in a way that helps you heal

Core Christian beliefs focus on themes of hope and healing through one’s faith. It’s important to remember your faith when you are struggling, as it has helped you overcome many trials and tribulations before—remember this power and importance of your Christian faith. Your Christian counselor will help you accomplish this, and they can do so in the traditional therapy setting or in Online Christian Counseling.

How Does Online Christian Counseling Work?

Online Christian counseling means working with your counselor virtually. Here at Thriveworks, we have two main online counseling options: video counseling and telephone counseling. You are able to work with online Christian counselors via either medium. Here’s how they both work:

  1. Online Christian Counseling by Video: Video counseling is a popular online counseling service, as it still allows the client to meet with their counselor face-to-face, just more comfortably and conveniently. If you decided to work with your counselor by video, you’d simply join a videoconference using a secure link provided by your counselor.
  2. Online Christian Counseling by Phone: Phone counseling is another popular (as well as effective) online counseling option. You might prefer this option if you don’t care for the face-to-face interaction. If you do decide to pursue Online Christian Counseling by phone, you would simply answer your Christian counselor’s phone call at the time of your session.

As we mentioned earlier, you need only access to a device and reliable internet connection (or cell service) to begin Online Christian Counseling. If you feel intimidated by the online approach, don’t be! It’s simple. And if you do have trouble connecting with your counselor by video, they’ll have your phone number as a backup plan. That way, if you do have trouble joining your video session or experience unforeseen technical problems, you’ll be covered.

How Can Christian Online Counseling Benefit Me?

A major obstacle for Christians looking for mental health services is their fear of stigma or judgment. It’s important that you recognize that mental health help is vital to our wellbeing and is not meant to downplay the importance or power of the Christian faith. In fact, Christian Counseling weaves the two together to give you the best possible guidance and support during your sufferings. Therefore, Christian Counseling is for any individual who identifies as a Christian and looking for this spiritual spin on counseling.

Many of us are guilty of trying to work through our challenges alone. We worry that we’ll be seen as weak if we do reach out for help, that we will burden others, or that we will be doing our faith a disservice. All of these worries (while warranted) couldn’t be more false. To correct them: asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness; it does not burden others but relieves our own burden; and it only strengthens and empowers our Christian faith. So, if you are struggling with one of the following problems, consider receiving help in Online Christian Counseling:

  • Grieving the loss of a loved one
  • Depression, anxiety, or another mental health condition
  • Low self-esteem
  • Loneliness and isolation
  • Lack of fulfillment, personally or professionally
  • Forgiving another individual or yourself
  • Feeling a spiritual void
  • Managing anger and other emotions

Your Christian faith has a huge impact and influence over every aspect of your life. There’s no reason it shouldn’t be included in your counseling experience. And working with a Christian counselor online might prove to be the most convenient or beneficial way to do so.

4 Reasons to Try Online Christian Counseling

If you’ve never received or considered working with a counselor online, you might be wondering how it could benefit you and whether it’s the right counseling option for you. This is a personal decision and journey—you won’t know until you try it! However, we can better help you make an informed decision by explaining 4 reasons people try Christian online counseling:

  1. It’s a convenient option: Online Christian counseling is a convenient option in every way. Unfortunately, many people spend more time traveling to and from their appointment than in their actual sessions. With online counseling, however, the opposite is true. You don’t have to spend any time traveling to or from your appointment, as you can attend from home, from your office, or wherever else is convenient for you. Online Christian Counseling allows you to save time and attend your session comfortably.
  2. It’s proven to be effective: Some people worry that online counseling isn’t as effective or valuable as traditional in-person counseling. The truth, though, is that online counseling proves just as effective! Many studies and surveys have been conducted, which continue to show that people enjoy and benefit from online counseling just as much as in-person counseling. So, if Online Christian Counseling sounds appealing, don’t let this fear stop you.
  3. It’s affordable (and your insurance will probably cover it): Another reason people try Online Christian Counseling is it’s affordable! As of now, most insurance companies pay for online counseling by video, and many also cover online counseling by phone. So, if you’re interested in Online Christian Counseling, know that it’s an affordable counseling option, too.
  4. It’s a fast and flexible scheduling process: Finally, scheduling Online Christian Counseling is often faster and more flexible. You don’t have to worry about waiting for a callback or even waiting weeks/months to meet your counselor. Here at Thriveworks, we strive to get you in for your session within 24 hours of your call. And online counseling services better enable us to accomplish this mission. You’ll also likely have more flexible scheduling options to choose from, including those in the evenings and on weekends.

As you can tell from the list above, there are many reasons to try online Christian counseling. If you’d like to experience the value and the benefits that are demonstrated above, you can get started at Thriveworks right now.

Schedule Online Christian Counseling at Thriveworks

Thriveworks is built on the mission of helping others live happier, more successful lives. We set out to achieve this mission by setting people up with skilled, caring mental health professionals who suit the individual’s needs. For example, if you are of the Christian faith and you’re looking for a mental health professional who loves Jesus and can incorporate Christianity into treatment, we can accommodate you.

We have professional counselors on our team who can provide HIPPA-compliant online therapy. You can also work with one of our licensed professionals in this faithful counseling in person. Again, it comes down to your needs and preferences. Either way, we’re happy to work with you.

We have 150+ counseling centers across the country and that number is increasing monthly. Find the Thriveworks office nearest you or click here to look at our online counseling opportunities. You can take a look at each counselor’s skills and specialties to determine who can best help you! Our scheduling team can also help to pair you with the best professional for your needs.

Remember: Online counseling, or e-counseling, does not require you to have major technical skills! All you need is access to a device and a reliable internet connection. If you can check those two boxes and you’re interested in pursuing online counseling, nothing should stand in your way.

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