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Group therapy is a common form of talk therapy that is also called psychotherapy. Group therapy is used to create a community of individuals who suffer from similar illnesses or mental disorders to help them address thoughts, feelings, and behavior that can be detrimental. Group therapy is hosted by a licensed mental health professional to guide the individuals in the group environment.

Someone might seek out psychotherapy for different reasons:

Individuals who may be experiencing stressful conditions such a job loss, divorce, or depression, or trauma. Group therapy can play a significant role in stress reduction and improving individual’s daily lives that may be impacted by stressful environments.

Dealing with stress from family, job, grieving the loss of a relationship or loved one. Other family issues like financial distress or divorce. Reduction in energy, sleep, interests, appetite. Individuals may be displaying consistent irritability, discouragement or hopelessness.

Families may look into group therapy options after receiving devastating health news that may impact their dynamic such as a family member being diagnosed with cancer. These families may require group therapy to receive support from individuals who are experiencing similar circumstances.

It is common for individuals who struggle with weight disorders to utilize group therapy to help deal with the emotional and mental impact of their struggle with weight. Many counseling centers have active group therapy schedules for a variety of mental health conditions.

What to Consider When Looking for a Therapist

Psychotherapy is a broad brush and there can be many effective methods to use under its umbrella. Depending on the individual, a therapist may combine a number of psychotherapy techniques to help a patient achieve relief. These techniques may be used in conjunction with medication if it is found to be necessary. The great thing about psychotherapy is that it is named as an effective treatment for many mental health disorders and many patients express positive results for disorders such as anxiety or depression.

Therapy can be ineffective if the treatment plan is not customized to fit the individual. Many therapists will monitor a patient on a particular treatment plan for thirty to ninety days and adjust the plan if there is no evidence of improvement. No therapist wants a patient to go through therapy for years without results. Talk to them if the tools you have been given are ineffective or you fail to see relief in your symptoms.

The most effective way to get the most out of group therapy is finding a therapist you can trust. It may be necessary to go on a few consults before deciding which therapist is the best one for you. No therapy is effective without trust, so this is an important quality to look for during your search. Be sure to have a list of questions for your potential therapists so that you are clear on their capabilities and experience when it comes to your specific mental health challenges. Once you have confidence in your selection, be sure to schedule your first appointment as soon as possible to get on the path to healing.

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