Online Therapy in Dayton, OH — Schedule Online Counseling

Online Therapy in Dayton, OH — Schedule Online Counseling

Lady Gaga is one of entertainment’s biggest stars who seemingly has it all. She’s earned global recognition for her flamboyant costumes, captivating lyrics, and powerful vocal talent. She’s earned critical acclaim including several Grammy awards and even an Oscar nomination for her lead role in the movie A Star is Born. She does what she loves and, as a result, has become one of the biggest singer-songwriters of the modern era.

But underneath the glowing stage persona, Lady Gaga has long struggled with mental health issues. She’s been open with the media and her fans about her history with trauma, PTSD, and other mental difficulties. In fact, she’s become a fierce advocate for mental health services to help break the stigma around getting help and to serve as a role model for those who may also be suffering.

Perhaps you, too, have struggled with mental illness but have been too embarrassed or ashamed to ask for help. Perhaps you’re just not sure if you’re ready for counseling. Or maybe you simply have trouble fitting therapy into your busy schedule.

Whatever your situation might be, finding a therapist at Thriveworks in Dayton, OH can help put you on the path to recovery. In this modern age with so much access to technology, traditional therapy in a brick-and-mortar office isn’t the only solution. A video chat or phone call with a licensed professional can serve as a big step toward improving your mental health.

What Types of Therapy Are Offered Online?

If you are interested in taking advantage of therapy via video chat, all you need is a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop, or a desktop computer. Once you’ve scheduled a virtual appointment, you’ll be able to see and talk to a licensed mental health professional from the comfort of your home.

If you don’t have the technology to accommodate video sessions, you can also talk to our licensed therapists by phone call. Just like traditional therapy, you’ll be able to open up about problems that have been interfering with your life. The therapy experience is very similar and you’ll be able to speak your mind in a place that feels safe, comfortable, and convenient.

At Thriveworks, we offer various online therapy services, including:

  • Marriage counseling and couples therapy
  • Depression and anxiety therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy CBT
  • Family therapy and child therapy
  • PTSD counseling and trauma therapy
  • Stress and anger management
  • Career counseling and life coaching
  • Counseling services for loss and grief
  • Teen counseling

You may have one area in your life you want to focus on or you may have several issues. Your problems could involve your partner, your children, or your extended family members. No matter your situation, Thriveworks in Dayton, OH is ready to provide you with support and services to help reclaim health and happiness in your life.

Schedule an Online Therapy Session at Thriveworks in Dayton, OH

It can be hard to admit you have a mental health issue or some other problem in your life. Talking about it can be even harder. But when you have the benefit of taking online counseling appointments from home, it can become far easier to open up about the issues that are bothering you most.

If something has been weighing on your mind, consider starting a therapeutic relationship with one of our licensed mental health professionals at Thriveworks today. You can schedule an appointment in as little as 24 hours of reaching out, including sessions on evenings and weekends. When you’re ready to take care of your mental health, we’re ready to help.

Plus, we offer many enrollment benefits beyond what health insurance covers, including:

  • Therapy Buddy, a cutting-edge app to get the most out of your therapy sessions
  • Success Navigator, a mobile app to handle your billing and scheduling questions by text message
  • Discussion groups where you can join supportive community members facing similar issues
  • Access to a free eBook to help you conquer depression
  • Video content featuring experts in the field of psychology
  • Access to your online therapist in between sessions via phone or email
  • A “Dear Abby” style Q&A with answers within 24 hours
  • A super flexible cancellation policy

We also accept most insurance plans so you can focus on your treatment rather than your out-of-pocket costs. If you’re ready to take the next step for your mental health, we are here to help you along the way. Whether you are interested in online or in-person therapy, click or call to schedule an appointment with Thriveworks in Dayton, OH today.

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