You’ve heard of the Atkins diet, and even the South Beach diet, but have you heard of the OMG Diet? A new weight loss program, with some interesting rules, has people in the medical community thinking WTF?

The diet is detailed in the book “Six Weeks To OMG: Get Skinnier Than All Your Friends” and is written by Britain-based personal trainer Paul Khanna.

The diet prescribes users to consume black coffee in the morning, and then exercise on an empty stomach. In addition, dieters are to refrain from eating anything for three hours.

It also tells dieters to “sit in a cold bath” as a way to burn body fat

This isn’t the first time ideas like these have been presented. Timothy Ferris, in his book “The 4 hour body”, recommends ice cold showers to lose weight.

The science behind cold water treatments is that one’s body needs to work to maintain one’s core temperature, thereby burning calories. However, to date research hasn’t shown it to be anything more than an interesting concept.

As for the coffee, it’s a stimulant–and thereby a mild appetite suppressant–but there may be health risks that come with the heavy doses of daily caffeine.
“””D-ANNE JADE Founder of the National Centre For Eating Disorders

The author is buying into a particular kind of culture and, of course, it is going to attract younger women. I am sad. I treat people with eating disorders and I will be picking up casualties down the line. …..[she also warns]
The amount of caffeine in this diet alone is causing nutrients to be stripped from your hormones and thyroid gland. This can affect your immune system and make your body get into an absolute mess.
So, dangerous gimmic or a progressive approach to getting in shape? Let us know what you think in the comments.