How long does depression last? The average time frame for depression, plus effective coping strategies

Depression is an extremely prevalent issue around the world. However, despite there being common symptoms, it often looks different to everyone that struggles with it. There are differing types of depression, as well as symptoms, intensity, duration, and more.  Depression is pervasive, and an episode can last anywhere from a…

When grief becomes anger: 3 steps that will help you work through the anger stage of grief

In 1969, Swiss-American Psychiatrist Elizabeth Kubler-Ross theorized that there are five universal stages of grief: denial and seclusion, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. These stages have since been used to describe how we respond to a heartbreaking loss. But here’s the thing: Coping with a devastating loss is an incredibly…

How do you become an LGBTQIA+ ally?

June is Pride Month, a time to celebrate and achieve equal justice and opportunity for the LGBTQIA+ community. You can show your support this month (and year-round) by serving as an LGBTQIA+ ally. Be open-minded and don’t shy away from asking questions — make it clear that you support the…

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