Holiday on-ramps and off-ramps: Diving into and easing out of vacation with zero regrets

Holidays aren’t just about the vacation days, they’re also about the days leading up to the vacation days… and the days following the vacation days. Fortunately it’s possible to mentally prepare for your winter break and make accommodations for your post-holiday depression.  To ease transitions you can keep your favorite…

Is “post-Disney depression” worse than normal vacation withdrawal?

It’s not unusual for vacationers to suffer from depression or withdrawal when they return to their daily routines. The immersive environment at Disney theme parks seems optimized to impart happiness, causing some guests to feel post-Disney depression after their visits. Disney parks use color psychology, UX design, scents, and novelty…

Syncing your body with sunlight: How to undo chronodisruption this fall and winter

Chronobiologists study how bodies can fall out of sync with the natural world’s circadian rhythms, a phenomenon called chronodisruption. Modern humans experience chronodisruption on a massive scale, thanks to artificial light pollution, social jet lag, late-night electronics, and other factors.  This misalignment of natural cues can have adverse consequences for…

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