Personality disorders: A detailed guide for understanding and managing personality disorders

We all have distinct personalities — a combination of characteristics that make us, us. Funny, empathetic, agreeable, adventurous, charismatic, curious, dramatic, innovative, etc. Some of us, though, have personality disorders, which mean our thoughts and behaviors don’t align with what’s considered “normal.”  This comprehensive guide answers the most frequently asked…

Borderline personality disorder medications & treatments

Borderline personality disorder (BPD) is a mental health condition that causes difficulty with emotional regulation, behavioral issues, and self-image struggles, which can result in mood swings, unstable relationships, and self-destructive and impulsive behavior.  BPD is one of many personality disorders, which are a consistent pattern of experiences of oneself and…

Is Celexa good for anxiety? Dosage, function, and effectiveness of taking Celexa for anxiety

Anxiety has a wide range of treatments, though they usually fit into the categories of either psychotherapy or medication. Both treatments are often used alongside one another, since anxiety medications can help lessen the impact of one’s symptoms while therapy deals with the psychological ramifications and sources of the symptoms….

Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD) – What to look for in therapy

Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD) – What To Look For In Therapy Histrionic Personality Disorder (HPD)is a disorder in which the victim shows an accustomed pattern of attention-seeking and extremely histrionic behaviors starting in early adulthood in a large range of situations. Victims of HPD are highly emotional, charming, energetic, manipulative,…

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