LGBTQ+ teens

Depression in teens: Leading causes, warning signs, and why adolescent girls are at an increased risk

Adults aren’t the only ones who can experience depression: Depression in teens is an increasingly common and serious mental health issue. Teenage depression may look like moodiness and irritation on the surface, but underneath, there’s genuine emotional pain. Teenage depression may conjure dark feelings of sadness, frustration, and fatigue that…

LGBTQ+ teens feel depressed, worthless, and hopeless: They need more support in school and at home

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation (or HRC Foundation) and the University of Connecticut conducted a vast survey of over 12,000 LGBTQ+ teens across the US, revealing prevalent mental health challenges among this group. They feel depressed, worthless, and hopeless—additionally, they face rejection and feel unsafe as well as unsupported. Survey…

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