Fear Can Be A Great Motivator

Fear and motivation are often approached as two separate things. This makes sense because we often view what’s in front of us as something we are motivated by positively, or something that is negative, such as fear.

Positive=good and negative=bad right? Well, not so fast.

Fear is a type of motivation. You can’t really escape fear when it is a motivator, but you can control it.

Let’s use examples. Jordan is 26 and interns at a hospital. He is excited about the prospect of being a doctor, so he is positively motivated to do a good job. At the same time, he fears that he is not good enough, which motivates him to work harder so that he may stand out among his peers.

Which is more powerful?

A lot of us would like to think that positive motivation is always more powerful, but it’s not. A healthy dose of fear is a healthy dose of reality. Fear is healthy when it’s used to look at life realistically. Though you shouldn’t expect failure by default, you should prepare for it and realize what it takes to be successful.

That is true motivation.