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Spirituality is important in addiction recovery—it helps individuals find meaning, purpose, and fulfillment during difficult times

Spirituality often varies in definition and in practice—however, it’s ultimately about connecting to something greater than ourselves to live a happier life. Doing so can help us cope during difficult times, which means spirituality can prove important to addiction recovery. Those in addiction recovery (and others) can practice spirituality and…

Can an emotionally abusive relationship cause PTSD? Understanding the impact of trauma and how to heal

Any kind of abuse—whether it be physical, emotional, mental, sexual, etc.—can lead to PTSD, as abuse is a highly emotionally distressing experience. The overactivation of stress hormones causes the victim of abuse to experience a fight, flight or freeze response, which makes it near impossible for the individual to focus…

Alcohol and drugs may seem like the easy solution, but they aren’t. Instead of using substances to cope, address your problem head-on and heal through feeling

When you use substances to deal with your problems, they never get resolved and those negative feelings will still be there. More effective coping strategies include creative endeavors, talking with a trusted love one, and doing things you truly enjoy. Another negative effect of using drugs and alcohol is brain…

What does addiction feel like? Here’s a clear picture of what it’s like to experience addiction, to go through withdrawal, and to work toward sobriety

Many don’t fully understand what it’s like to experience addiction, from developing the illness, to going through withdrawal, to working towards recovery. But it’s important we try our best to achieve a greater understanding, so we can best help those who suffer with the disease. A common misconception is that…

How to rebuild trust in a broken relationship: how trust can be restored post-deception and what that relationship might look like moving forward

Deception can wreak havoc on a relationship, but there is hope for healing if both partners are willing to put in the work. First, the partner who did the wrongdoing must recognize, acknowledge, and apologize for their mistake. Then, both individuals must agree to work on their relationship and move…

What are the four phases of PTSD?

PTSD can be divided into four phases: the impact phase, the rescue phase, the intermediate recovery phase, and the long-term reconstruction phase. The impact phase encompasses initial reactions such as shock, fear, and guilt. In the rescue phase, the affected individual begins to come to terms with what has happened….

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