5 journal prompts for your mental health

Journaling enables us to express and process our emotions as well as our thoughts without judgment. However, the act of journaling is more difficult for some than others. If you’re interested in journaling but unsure where or how to start, mental health prompts can provide direction and offer health benefits,…

Show your appreciation for others and experience a boost in wellbeing by making a gratitude visit

Gratitude is all about showing your appreciation for the good things in your life; and engaging in gratitude practices is incredibly beneficial to your health. Some scientifically proven benefits of practicing gratitude include a boost in self-esteem, improved quality of sleep, and enriched relationships. One gratitude practice in specific can…

Do I have enough gratitude? Gain a little perspective, be grateful for your fortunes, and have a positive impact on those around you (Update)

It’s easy to get down on ourselves and feel a little unlucky or unfortunate; but the reality is, we all have something to be grateful for. Take, for example, your very existence! The chances of you being, well, you are slim to none; therefore, you should celebrate even being alive….

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