goal setting

Motivational interviewing: What it is and how it’s done

Motivational interviewing (MI) is a method some counselors use to help their clients overcome their ambivalence toward positive change. MI is a client-centered, directive counseling approach that can help clients identify and strengthen their own motivation. MI works by eliciting ‘change talk” to deepen a client’s intrinsic commitment to change. …

How entrepreneurs can stay productive during COVID-19: Keep a routine, stay in touch with your customers, and more

COVID-19 has impacted both small businesses and large corporations throughout the course of 2020. For entrepreneurs and small business owners, the impact of the virus may have larger consequences. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t build your business and find success during this time. When considering how to move forward…

What are the 5 thinking styles? Understanding different types of thinkers

There are five different types of thinkers with their own thinking styles: synthesists, idealists, pragmatists, analysts, and realists. Synthesists stand out with their creativity and curiosity; they like to consider different ideas, views, and possibilities. Idealists are always setting and working toward big goals—they set the bar high and expect others…

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