Improving your diet (even slightly) can reduce depression symptoms (Video)

Improving your diet, even slightly, can reduce depression symptoms. This, according to a study from University of Manchester that analyzed data from 46,000 people. Researchers investigated the effects of dietary interventions and found that making simple changes can benefit your mental health. For example, eating more vegetables and cutting back…

Choosing a high-calorie dessert first might lead to your choosing an overall healthier meal, research says

A new study, after conducting four experiments, says that choosing an indulgent dessert first could help you eat an overall healthier meal. In a cafeteria experiment, a dessert option (cheesecake or fresh fruit) was placed at the beginning or end of the cafeteria line; the online experiments replicated this design….

Does my friend have an eating disorder? If you’re concerned about a friend’s eating habits, educate yourself and be compassionate when opening up about your suspicions

Educate Yourself First, Talk to Your Friend Second If you suspect a friend or loved one has an eating disorder you should first educate yourself about the disorder. You want to familiarize yourself with the signs of an eating disorder, gain a better understanding of why people develop eating disorders…

How can I develop a healthy relationship with food? Eat mindfully, enjoy your food, and focus on quality not quantity

Last night, my roommate turned to me and said, “Is it just me, or does it feel you’re bombarded with information about food and dieting every second of every day?” She’s right. Everywhere you look nowadays, there is a conversation being had about food: the foods we should and shouldn’t…

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