Narcissism vs. confidence: 5 ways to tell the difference

Confidence and self-absorption rooted in narcissism are not the same: First, narcissism is self-focused while confidence considers the wellbeing of others. Additionally, narcissists constantly crave affirmation as they are hyperaware of others’ opinions, while confident individuals don’t seek to prove themselves. Also, narcissistic individuals exploit others for their benefit, while…

Psychologists and therapists reveal one of the most common mental health problems they see amongst their clients: a low self-esteem

While there are many issues discussed in therapy (including mental health conditions and relationship challenges) an extremely common issue is low self-esteem. Therapists use a few key strategies to help their patients build their confidence and overcome their feelings of inadequacy. The first essential step is acknowledging one’s negative thinking…

Why “Asking” Is A Superpower

How putting yourself out there can get you almost anything you want. Asking is a superpower. Really, it is. What makes something “super” or “powerful” has a lot to do with how effective it is and how unique it is as an action. Well, asking is a skill that not…

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