Dads get a bad rap: Insights into being a supportive father, despite what pop culture and societal stereotypes may say

Starting in the mid-20th century, father figures in pop culture, especially those portrayed on TV, have been characterized with negative attributes. Don’t be mistaken; there’s comedic gold to be mined from the blunders of characters like Bernie McCullough in “The Bernie Mac Show,” Hank Hill in “King of The Hill,”…

Children of depressed parents suffer inadvertent effects—these mental health interventions can help

When we think about or discuss mental health topics such as depression, our minds tend to zero in on what the individual with the mental health condition is going through. But what about those closest to them—like their children? As a mental health condition that can leave sufferers feeling distant…

Post-pandemic parenting: Tips for socializing kids and encouraging personal growth in adolescents, teens

Just because the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic appears to be over, doesn’t mean  everything is back to normal. And if you’ve got children, you may be underestimating the ways in which virtual learning might’ve affected their social skills and sense of independence.  The development of socialization skills, along with…

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