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Megalophobia: Causes, symptoms, treatment options, and more

Megalophobia is characterized by an irrational fear of large objects, which can encompass various entities such as skyscrapers, animals, landmarks such as mountains, and more. The manifestation of megalophobia varies among individuals, with some being comfortable around certain large objects but distressed by others. Learn more about megalophobia, including how…

Signs you need to go to a mental hospital—and why it’s necessary only in limited circumstances

For those searching for the “signs you need to go to a mental hospital”, chances are, you’re not feeling like yourself at the moment. Perhaps you’re experiencing extreme amounts of stress, depression, or anger. These aren’t easy emotions to cope with, even under the best of circumstances. Thankfully, determining the…

Is Celexa good for anxiety? Dosage, function, and effectiveness of taking Celexa for anxiety

Anxiety has a wide range of treatments, though they usually fit into the categories of either psychotherapy or medication. Both treatments are often used alongside one another, since anxiety medications can help lessen the impact of one’s symptoms while therapy deals with the psychological ramifications and sources of the symptoms….

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