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Recovering sex addicts struggle to know what healthy sexuality feels like: Here are 6 characteristics of a healthy sexual relationship

Sex addiction is characterized by the obsessive need to engage in sexual activity; symptoms include preoccupation with sex and an inability to control sexual behavior. Fortunately, sex addicts can recover from their addiction and develop a healthy sexuality, of which involves developing sexual self-control and self-awareness. Once the individual learns…

Is my sex life normal? Understanding the hallmarks and causes of sex addiction (Updated)

Hallmarks of Sex Addiction While people are starting to recognize the prevalence and problems created by excessive sexualized activities and pornography, what is broadly termed “sex addiction” remains cloaked in mystery, even for many therapists. One of the challenges in defining and treating sex addiction is the fact that sex…

Increasing nicotine intake four-fold might help smokers finally kick the bad habit, researchers say

New research shows that smokers who want to quit the habit might find success if they increase their nicotine intake. The researchers say that smokers can tolerate a much larger dose (four times what is normally recommended) than that found in most nicotine replacement medications, and they’re capable of determining…

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