Valentine’s Day is almost here, so now is the time to make it a success. Here are 5 tips to help avoid common pitfalls and make lasting memories that you and your partner will enjoy.

1. Speak your partner’s love language

Make your partner feel loved by communicating the language that is most meaningful to him or her. Spend time considering how your partner displays love and show that same style of love in return. Most times, people show love in the way that makes them feel loved.

Communicating in your own style is fine, but be sure to make your partner’s style your priority when your goal is to show them love.

2. Learn from past failures

Avoid known pitfalls. If you know what has caused problems in the past, take a safe route. Don’t set yourself, or your partner, up for failure.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I shouldn’t have to tell him what I need. He should already know”? Some people set themselves up for disappointment with this mindset. Despite the desire for your partner to already know what would be meaningful to you, ensure clarity through communication.

3. Personalize the day

Make Valentine’s Day about you and your partner, and don’t feel pressured to fit the common mold.

Be creative based on your unique relationship. If you are having trouble finding something creative to do, look online for ideas that fit both of your personalities.

4. Focus on giving more than getting

When you truly focus on making the day special for the other person, you can be genuinely satisfied when you succeed. Decide in advance that this day is about making your partner happy.

When you make that person’s fulfillment your goal, you can be pleased with what you make of the day. Don’t let your happiness depend on what others do for you.

5. Plan ahead

Have you ever haphazardly thrown something together? Occasionally that works, but most times both parties feel disappointed. You will create unnecessary stress on yourself if you do not plan ahead.

Do yourself a favor and make your plans and purchases now. Buy a card, create a menu or make reservations, order flowers/balloons, and accomplish as much in advance as possible. Do not create an opportunity for stress on the special day. A stress-free day is far easier for you and your partner to enjoy!

Ultimately, the day’s success depends on you. Do your part to make the day special for the other person and decide in advance that you will appreciate however your partner expresses love to you. Enjoy whatever unique circumstances the day may hold, and you will be on your way to a day filled with lasting memories.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Have something special planned? Tell us about it by leaving a comment! (Some of us need help with ideas …)