How to gain someone’s trust back: Manageable steps for rebuilding security and stability in relationships

To make mistakes is to be human—but when our actions result in us hurting someone we’re close to, it’s possible to lose their trust. And odds are, if you’re reading this, you’ve either lost someone’s trust, or are searching for ways to forgive someone for something they’ve done to you….

Expert perspectives on ChatGPT therapy: Will AI become a larger part of the mental health field?

Artificial intelligence has become a focal point of conversation in many fields, each looking to discern whether technology like chatbots or digital assistants will—or should—play a larger role.  Now this question is being posed in the field of mental health. Though having access to therapy services via ChatGPT and other…

New Thriveworks research shows abundance of parasocial relationships in the US

A new research study from Thriveworks shows that more Americans are engaged in parasocial relationships than they care to admit. Humans naturally form one-sided connections to media personas and public figures, even genuinely mourning their deaths. These parasocial relationships are usually harmless, though 9% of people report lasting mental health…

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