Dating can be intimidating. But if you follow a few rules, you can up your dating game and actually find romance. Here are four tips:

One, plan fun dates. This first tip is simple: structure your dates around activities you actually enjoy. For example, instead of going to dinner and a movie, go to a local brewery or an art show. Doing so will help you feel comfortable and build a potential connection.

Two, be transparent. It’s important that you are open and honest if you want to nurture a potential romantic relationship—or even if you decide that you don’t! Either way, your date deserves honesty.

Three, don’t put pressure on it. Often, we get so caught up in assessing relationship potential that we don’t allow ourselves to have fun. Instead of grilling your date or assessing their every move, relish in the moment and make the most of your time together. If you do leave the date as just friends, no harm done.

Four, have realistic expectations. Odds are, you’ll eventually find someone that you like and want to go on more dates with. When you do, be realistic: don’t expect or force a relationship immediately. Instead, continue to work on building a solid foundation for one.

These four tips will help you enjoy dating and find a real potential match.