Gratitude is all about expressing your appreciation. This practice improves self-esteem, the quality of your relationships, and overall psychological health. To yield these results, follow our 4 tips for practicing gratitude:

One, keep a gratitude journal. Think about what you’re grateful for and write it down. The One Line a Day Journal makes this super simple. All you need to do is write one line that begins with: “Today, I am grateful for…” You don’t even have to do this exercise every day if you don’t want to. In fact, studies suggest journaling three times a week will have the greatest impact on your mental health. 

Two, make a list. If you’re not into journaling, make a short list of your gratitudes instead. Keep a notepad on your desk or use the “Note” app on your phone. And then, any time you think of something you’re thankful for, add it to your ongoing list. 

Three, get creative. You can express your gratitude through art, too. For example, take or draw pictures of the things you love and tuck them away in a photo album.  Working on this project will enhance your feelings of gratitude, as will looking back at your photo album later. 

Four, nurture your relationships. Often, our loved ones are at the top of our gratitude list. Express your gratitude by showing your loved ones just how much you care: call your mom and ask her about her day; send your best friend her favorite flowers; cook a special dinner for your partner. The key is to make them feel loved and appreciated.

These four tips will help you practice gratitude and reap its many benefits.