In the middle of a raging pandemic, the world has embraced the immense importance of wellbeing and healthy lifestyle choices. We’ve all been going above and beyond to fight our cravings, introduce more vitamin-rich snacks into our days, and somehow, keep stress at a minimum in order to protect our health and sanity. Now that we are slowly beginning to feel the consequences of isolation, social distancing, and loss, we have to get creative in order to restore our sense of joy, wonder, and gratitude.

Until that day comes when we can travel again, book a table at our favorite restaurant, or spend a day at our yoga retreat, we can organize a luxurious staycation based on a restorative self-care routine. Here are a few suggestions you can add to your agenda and turn an ordinary day into one of opulence, appreciation, pampering, and bliss.

Treat Your Body to a Yoga Class at Home

Not quite sure what to do now that all studio-based classes have been canceled? Fortunately, you can use online yoga guides to create your own little exercise routine, or find trusty yoga video tutorials to keep you occupied. You can even subscribe to online yoga classes and benefit from the guided approach of a professional while remaining in the safety of your home.

To turn this otherwise regular workout into a lush experience, you can use a yoga cushion, a comfortable yoga mat, the most wonderful leggings you own, and of course, turn your room into a zen escape. You can use an essential oil dispenser to enjoy various soothing aromas, light candles to set the mood, and prepare luxurious herbal tea for the end of the session.

Discover the Culinary Delights of Vegan Meals

When we travel, we want to have a taste of authentic local food and culinary delights in order to fully immerse ourselves in the local culture. While travel is still not an option, you can switch your regular daily meals and turn them into vegan delicacies that will both tease your palate and keep your nutrition needs covered. Who knows, perhaps this kind of luxurious pampering of your taste buds can inspire you to transform your nutrition completely.

For starters, follow a trusted vegan protein guide so that the meals you cook are rich in this essential macronutrient and filling. Ingredients such as quinoa, brown rice, and peas can give any dish that protein-packed edge, while you experiment with different vegan-friendly flavors and spices. Consider this a treat for your health, but also a source of pleasure for your palate.

Transform Your Home into a Spa for a Day

Since most fitness centers and spas are not open or are working at a reduced capacity everywhere in the world, you can instead create your own home-based spa. Start with preparing the most luxurious, skin-nurturing towels you have. Prepare essential oils you can use to infuse your bubble bath with calming fragrances. Add scented candles to every room and fresh flowers if you want that look and feel of nature indoors.

You can invest in a comfortable foot massager to take your spa day to the next level and truly turn it into a luxurious staycation. Prepare your most luscious body lotion or butter, your favorite book, some gentle music in the background, and you’ll be ready to bask in the ultimate forms of self-care available at home.

Organize a Restorative Movie Night

What turns an ordinary movie night into an evening of healthy indulgence and enjoyment? Well, start with a bottle of your favorite wine, and you’ll be on the right track. However, don’t be afraid to experiment with details such as picking out a hair and face mask to rejuvenate your skin while you watch your favorite comedy film.

Leverage your knowledge of healthy foods and create a menu of healthy snacks containing fresh fruit, veggies, and a range of delicious dips and sauces. If you’re feeling lazy and you want to spare yourself the time in the kitchen, you can order in. Add some scented candles in the backdrop to create the perfect atmosphere, and you’ll set the stage for your luxe staycation with a movie to improve your mood.

Explore Nearby Natural Wonders

A staycation doesn’t necessarily require you to stay put, at home, all day. The beauty of this idea is that you can actually look to the gorgeous wonders of Mother Nature within walking or driving distance, and you’ll give your body and your mind precisely what they need: serenity, fresh air, and meditation in movement. Spending more time outdoors is actually recommended during the pandemic, but of course, without the crowds.

This is a perfect opportunity to go out hiking in the woods or the mountains, with your spouse or your kids. You can bring a picnic basket to have a meal in the fresh air and surrounded by pure, unspoiled nature. You can turn it into a physical activity to make the most of the extra oxygen, so cycling is a brilliant way to steer clear of crowded city streets, immersed in greenery, getting a lovely, luxurious day of exercise. Remember, there is nothing more precious and opulent in this world than Mother Nature.

Whatever You Do, Enjoy It

In all fairness, it can be difficult to come to terms with staying home for such long stretches of time, away from our loved ones, and away from our families. However, sometimes, spending that time at home means making the most of your days with the help of creative, unorthodox ideas. Add a touch of luxury into your self-care, diversify your daily activities, and enjoy your staycation as much as possible.


Sophia Smith is a lifestyle blogger, graphic designer, and a food enthusiast. She is very passionate about eco-friendly and green topics, sustainable fashion, eco beauty, and conscious business. She loves sharing meaningful content that inspires people and has covered topics ranging from organic products and sustainability to self-care and mental health.

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