Grief, lost emotions, and feeling numb after a death: Why can’t I feel anything?

In some cases, victims of loss aren’t overwhelmed with difficult emotions but feel emotionally numb instead. This is a normal reaction, which typically occurs when someone loses someone or something suddenly and unexpectedly. Still, it’s important for these individuals to make sure they grieve well, which involves understanding and processing…

Exploring the deep bonds between humans and their companion animals

The human-animal bond is so deep-rooted and self-evident that most scientists neglected to study it for decades.   We now know that the loving relationships between domesticated animals and humans are bidirectional, bestowing health benefits on both man and beast. Though only some pets are officially called emotional support animals (ESAs),…

Screen time to green time: New study informs healthy screen habits as kids go back to school

A new study finds that fewer than two hours of daily screen time can adversely affect a kid’s life satisfaction.   Physical activity is crucial to wellbeing, and sedentary screen time interferes with exercise hours. Screen time guidelines can become more nuanced as children return to in-person learning.  Experts recommend separating…

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