Social Skills

How to combat Zoom fatigue symptoms: Learn to improve your body language and nonverbal communication skills  

If you’re starting to feel weary of virtual meetings while working from home or keeping in touch with friends and family post-COVID, it’s possible that you’re experiencing Zoom fatigue.  Though Zoom fatigue may make us anxious while interacting with others, our anxiety may come across as standoffish or disinterested, which…

How to survive a viral punishment: Cancel culture stories of social sanctions and online shaming

Community values are reflected in our norms about social sanctions and third party punishments (TPPs).  Our online interactions with celebrities reveal shifts in a society’s moral codes.  “Cancel culture” can indicate a time-honored practice of regulating social behavior or pure trolling. Gossip, concept creep, and identity can also feed into…

Being assertive vs. being aggressive: Assertive behavior demonstrates respect and leads to better outcomes than aggression

Assertive behavior and aggression are different approaches to handling confrontation, which have distinguishing factors and lead to very different outcomes. First, assertive behavior is typically a positive form of expression, while aggression is a negative form of expression. Additionally, assertive behavior is rooted in respect, while aggression is not; for…

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