Social Interactions

Dealing with workplace manipulation: Identify the signs, spot dark personality traits, and communicate more effectively 

Workplace manipulation happens when a supervisor or coworker uses guilt, shame, coercion, or other tactics to exploit another member of the team.  If your boss is a workplace manipulator, watch out for traits and behavioral qualities that indicate they might have dark personality traits.  Dark personality traits (narcissism, machiavellianism, psychopathy)…

Safe drinking tips for college students: Preserve your physical and mental health while under the influence

Alcohol plays a social role in many college students’ experiences, as they celebrate the end of final exams or football victories. While there’s nothing wrong with having a drink if you’re of legal drinking age, it’s important to have a game plan first, which is where our safe drinking tips…

Ring and Nextdoor: The good, the bad, and the gossip associated with neighborhood watch platforms 

Our mind’s eye often depicts suburban life as dreamy and picturesque—the epitome of the American dream.  While the ‘burbs have their perks, they also have their shortcomings: Many community issues are aired on neighborhood watch apps like Ring’s “Neighbors” and Nextdoor.  These platforms provide a virtual way for neighbors to…

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