Men and Mental Health

Dads get a bad rap: Insights into being a supportive father, despite what pop culture and societal stereotypes may say

Dads are commonly portrayed in pop culture as oblivious, absent-minded, and detached—in other words, they’re often shown as being incapable of parenting. The laughs are real, but the societal implications are as well. Our favorite shows and media often critique and remark on our social norms and issues. When it…

Strong and silent? Male depression is common but it goes underreported due to social stigma and lack of emotional literacy

According to Mental Health America (MHA), women experience depression about twice as often as men. That said, several studies and surveys have also shown that men are less likely to seek help for things like depression—which might create a false idea that women are more likely to struggle with this mental health problem. The…

Why are men less likely to talk about their feelings? They often are discouraged, prefer to “brush it off,” or run into another obstacle

Some people falsely believe that men don’t have feelings—or that they don’t experience feelings to the same degree as women. This, however, is not the case: we all experience a wide array of emotions, and it’s important we talk about them. That said, men are less likely to talk or…

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