Depression Symptoms

Strong and silent? Male depression is common but it goes underreported due to social stigma and lack of emotional literacy

According to Mental Health America (MHA), women experience depression about twice as often as men. That said, several studies and surveys have also shown that men are less likely to seek help for things like depression—which might create a false idea that women are more likely to struggle with this mental health problem. The…

What effect can depression have on your body? A look at the physical symptoms of depression

Many people now understand the mood and behavioral symptoms of depression, but the physical symptoms still go widely unrecognized. Physical symptoms of depression include joint and muscle pain, back pain, fatigue, appetite changes, headaches, and digestive issues. These physical symptoms (in addition to the mental and emotional struggles) can make…

Can depression cause fever and other flu-like symptoms? How to tell the difference between depression and the flu

Depression is marked by intense feelings of despair and a loss of interest in daily activities—the remaining symptoms can vary and even resemble the flu. Depression and the flu share physical symptoms like fatigue and changes in weight or appetite; additionally, victims of both illnesses can experience similar changes in…

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