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Grief and Loss

Strategies for coping with infertility and infertility depression

Infertility is often experienced as a crisis, and women tend to carry more of its physical and emotional burden.  Some coping strategies are more compatible with fertility treatment and infertility depression than others.  Though psychologists usually discourage avoidant and escapist strategies, active distraction can reduce stress. More people benefit from…

Coping with the loss of a friendship: How these connections evolve in adulthood and a counselor’s advice on allowing yourself to grieve

As we age, studies show that we tend to lose touch with our friends and often struggle to form new friendships in their wake. Big life events like marriage, children, or moving can disrupt our connections to our friends.  When it comes to ranking the importance of our social connections,…

Surviving Post-Election Grief

Whether you are Hillary supporter or just an “anti-Trumpite” you are probably reeling from the results of the election. Waking up to see that the candidate you vehemently opposed actually won was probably shocking and upsetting. You may have been in utter disbelief. Maybe you thought there were still more…

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