What family constellation therapy can reveal about intergenerational trauma (and Abuela in “Encanto”)

Family constellation therapy (FCT) is an approach to healing that confronts intergenerational trauma both mystically and empirically.  Bert Hellinger devised FCT as a way of connecting ancestral pain and traumatic events to someone’s current difficulties, then restoring peace to the system. Through FCT workshops or one-on-one sessions, individuals can use…

I Hate My Parents. Is That Normal?

Many people have close relationships with their parents — in fact, some consider their mother or father their best friend. But that isn’t always the case. There’s a less fortunate narrative: Some people hate their parents. They don’t just lack that connection or disagree with their parents from time to…

How can family issues affect a child’s performance in school?

Family problems, like major changes in family dynamics, financial instability, and sibling bullying, can have a significant impact on children. These problems can negatively affect them in multiple facets, including at school, or more specifically, their school performance. Changes in family dynamic—say divorcing parents—can cause children to feel guilty, neglected,…

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