Surviving Back To School

For parents, sending the kids back to school can be quite a relief (or even a time of joy), but it’s definitely not that way for the kids. Here are some ways you can make the experience actually fun and enriching for them.

5. Get your shopping done early

For some of you who start in August, it may be too late for this, but families with September schools should definitely start getting the shopping down sooner, rather than later. This will help you avoid the stress of not finding certain items that have already been picked over.

4. Start waking them up early

If your kids enjoy waking up at noon every day, work on easing them out of that habit now to make it easier on the first day. It may seem a bit mean, but we all have very particular biological clocks that need to be handled with care. Adjusting their sleeping habits early is a healthy way to make sure they are in top shape for their first week.

3. Walk their classes

Taking the kids to the school and walking them to their classes can help ease some of the uncertainty they’re bound to have. Preparing their locker with them is also a fun exercise that may get them excited for the upcoming school year.

2. Talk about their expectations

Sitting down and talking with your kids about the upcoming year is great for helping them feel more confident and focused. Ask your kids what they may be worried about, what they’re excited about and what they want to accomplish this year. This is a great exercise for you parents as well, since this allows you to  anticipate any anxieties your kids may not be voicing yet.

1. End the summer with some fun

Let’s face it. Most kids aren’t happy about going back to school, but you can still give them something to look forward to by planning a fun “end of summer” activity. Cookouts, ball-games, amusement parks, swimming and sleepovers with friends are all fun ways to finish the summer on a great note!