Summer time means one thing, Vacation! Well, at least it used to for many Americans. With many families trying to save money wherever they can, the travel industry has taken a cut. Here are five ways that you can vacation and not break the bank.

  1. Rent an Apartment or House Instead of Staying at a Hotel
  2. Hotels can be very pricey depending on your preference. Hotels also have hidden fees. Avoid these extra charges by staying in an apartment or house rental. You can even find certain rentals that are cheaper per night than some hotel rooms.

  3. Book Vacation Package Deals!
  4. There are many deals online where you can book hotels, car rentals, or airline tickets at the same time. These types of services usually come with a nice discount. Take advantage of them and book multiple things at once. It pays off.

  5. Save on Food
  6. If you happen to be staying in a residential rental as mentioned above or even a hotel with a kitchenette avoid eating out everyday. Make everyone’s favorite home cooked meal and save money. Shopping for groceries is cheaper than constantly eating out.

  7. Travel in Packs
  8. Grab a friend’s family and travel together. You’re probably thinking won’t that make it more expensive with two extra families? To which I answer, not necessarily. Find a house big enough for the both of your families to rent and split the cost. You can also save money by switching off who pays for groceries for dinner. You can find group activities do that are free or relatively cheap such as: the beach, go-karting, mini golf, hiking, and sight seeing.

  9. Enjoy Your Own Area
  10. For those of you that absolutely cannot fit traveling in the budget at the moment find things to do where you live. Go to a local amusement park for the day. Enjoy the local museums, aquarium, zoo, landmarks, and parks. Discover new places in your area that you have never seen before.