Austin Sexual Assault Recovery

Sexual Assault Recovery – Coaches, Counselors and Therapists in Austin

If you are the victim of a sexual assault, you need to know that you are not alone and that help is immediately available. After you have contacted the police and been through the criminal justice system, you may feel alone and unsure where to turn.  Whether this crime recently happened and you are in shock and denial, or if the assault happened years or decades ago, you are most likely feeling intense psychological ramifications. Regardless of when this assault happened, relief is possible through discussing your emotions and processing the situation. Sexual crimes or assaults are oftentimes more difficult to discuss because of the private nature of the subject matter. At Thriveworks Austin, we have caring and sensitive counselors standing by, ready to walk with you on this journey of healing.

Sexual assault can come at the hands of someone with which you are in a relationship, by an acquaintance, or from a stranger. Each situation carries with it a different set of emotions and questions. When you are assaulted by someone you thought you loved, you may feel intense betrayal, distrust, and confusion. Suffering an assault from a stranger can also bring it’s own set of fears and mistrust. Anxiety can develop from such crimes, and compulsive behaviors can result from trying to avoid even the possibility of being in the same situation. We can help you break free and gain control over your life again. After a sexual assault, your life may never be the same, but Thriveworks Austin counselors and therapists can help you create a new, healthy normal.

Thriveworks Austin counselors are leaders in their field. They are ready to put their expertise to work for you. We have appointments available within 24 hours and understand that when you call, you are in need of help immediately. Call us today. Let us help you with your recovery.


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