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Few things are more exhilarating (or anxiety-inducing) than the anticipation of your upcoming wedding. Each “to-do” item checked off the list only increases the excitement: the date, the dress, the venue, invitations, wedding party, seating chart and countless of other arrangements that go into preparing for the big day. It’s easy to lose yourself in all the activity.

Or, in another scenario, you or your spouse-to-be might be less than giddy. The seriousness of the commitment should be enough to give anyone cause to reflect. Do you really want to remain tethered to this individual “till death do us part?”

In either case, Thriveworks Austin premarital counseling is here to help you explore the significance of this upcoming chapter, and can prepare you for the myriad inherent challenges that are sure to come.”

It’s not uncommon for a pastor, priest or any other officiate to require premarital counseling before agreeing to be a part of your wedding. Certain U.S. states legally require people under a certain age go through premarital counseling. The reason behind this comes from a place of wisdom. Listen to this wisdom. There are so many things to consider before tying the knot. It’s important that both you and your significant other give this decision the sincere contemplation it deserves.

Regardless of your reason for considering Thriveworks Austin premarital counseling, take heart in the fact that doing so means you’re already setting yourself up for future success. It’s a sign of great maturity and responsibility. Marriage can be amazing and fulfilling, but even at it’s smoothest, it’s not without it’s own challenges. Premarital counseling helps you understand what you will soon encounter and will give you the tools you need to maintain a happy marriage.

Premarital Counseling: Not Always Voluntary, but Always a Good Idea

Even if your state or the person officiating your wedding does not require premarital counseling, it is still as much as an important affirmative as the final, “I do.” Don’t make the mistake of believing of that your relationship is bulletproof.

You can’t exactly test-drive a marriage. You can’t read reviews of what it’s like to be married to your significant other, nor do you have any idea how it will be for your significant other to be married to you. Even if you and your significant other have already been living with each other for several years, it’s not the same as being married.

What you can do, however, is reach out to someone who has experience aiding couples through the many challenges of establishing and maintaining a long-term connection. You’ve seen the divorce rates. Marriage can be as harrowing as it can be wonderful.

Premarital counseling is something to be excited about. It will help your relationship get a running head start toward open communication and enduring love and respect.

Meeting with an highly skilled and trained professional to resolve issues (sometimes before they even have a chance to occur) while you’re both excited about the prospect of spending the rest of your lives together is much more enjoyable than waiting until after you’re already married, and long-unaddressed issues fester into bitterness, disrespect, mistrust and resentment.

You’ll have the opportunity to talk about any current unresolved disagreements that you’ll have, which will only intensify if you get married without ever having addressed them. Start honing the necessary communication skills that will help you remain clam and solution-oriented when disagreements and trials occur.

How Long before the Wedding Should I Start Premarital Counseling?

Our advice is to begin premarital counseling as soon as you and your significant other are seriously considering taking steps toward marriage.

Even if you’ve not yet popped or answered “the question,” it’s not uncommon for couples talking about marriage to seek “pre-engagement” counseling, which will help them determine if they should consider taking more serious steps toward getting engaged and planning a wedding. If one or both of you is hesitant about making such a serious commitment, pre-engagement or premarital counseling is an excellent way to analyze whatever the potential hang-ups might be.

Your marriage should not be created in a vacuum. You have your own little world where only the two of you exist, but you’ll be doing yourselves a disservice to not let someone in to help you set yourselves up for long-term relationship success. When you do so, you’ll find out that many difficult conversations are easier to have when you have an objective (and experienced) third party in the room helping you talk through them. Perhaps there’s something you’ve wanted to talk about but have been too scared to mention.

An licensed Austin premarital counselor can help mediate and create a safe environment for openness and honesty.”

It’s not abnormal if you’re not yet ready for marriage. Few people are without a bit of counseling. Even then, it’s impossible to know exactly what’s around the bend. Give yourself the best wedding gift imaginable by entering into the relationship on the same page and with ample preparation. You’ll thank yourself later (if not sooner).

Some of the topics you and your significant other will discuss with your Thriveworks Austin premarital counselor include:

  • Shared interests and recreational activities
  • Spousal role expectations
  • Communication styles
  • Religion and worship attendance
  • Household duties and expectations
  • Budgeting and finances
  • Children and parenting styles
  • Public or private education
  • Sexuality and intimacy
  • Needs for space and privacy
  • Where the family unit will reside
  • Finances and debt
  • Occupations and careers
  • Holiday expectations and travel
  • Relationships with extended family and in-laws

After going through premarital counseling, you might actually decide that getting married is best reserved for another time or another person. It’s a choice that no one can make for you, but the point is that premarital counseling will help you see that decision more clearly, with a greater understanding of the implications and potential challenges. You’ll both be better for it. And if you don’t end up getting married, you’re still coming out ahead. While we hope that the person you enter premarital counseling with is the right person, there are times when the sessions reveal otherwise. In any event, you’ll have a better understanding of what it means to be married, for whenever that time does come.

Why Choose Thriveworks Austin Premarital Counseling?

Premarital counseling helps couples discover and cultivate the skills necessary for achieving a stable and satisfying marriage. But just as important as going through premarital counseling is choosing an experienced, qualified counselor.

Thriveworks Austin premarital counselors are leaders in the field. Many of our clinicians have been featured in trusted news outlets such as CNN, The Chicago Tribune, The Journey of Mental Health Counseling, Atlanta Journal Constitution, Psychiatric Times, and Prevention.

Allow your relationship to benefit from our expertise and world-class clinical care.

Contact us, and give your marriage the consideration and preparation is deserves. We look forward to meeting you and your spouse-to-be!


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