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The wedding gown, the solemn declarations of love and commitment, the weeklong romantic getaway. The disagreements, the dead air, the high-walled barriers built on hurt and mistrust … .”

Does this seem in any way similar to the relationship between you and your spouse? Prior to stating, “Till death do us part,” most soon-to-be husbands and wives are ill-equipped for the confrontations and difficulties that people meet not long after the wedding bells cease to chime.

Fights usually grow out of the “insignificant” differences that don’t ever come to a point of resolution. All of those seemingly unimportant disputes often fester into full-blown bitterness, and soon evolve into all-out emotional brawls consisting of angry shouts, doors closed none-too-carefully and evening hours passed in separate rooms impregnated by frustrated silence.

Adoration and attraction are undoubtedly potent instruments that compel people to want to be together. Nevertheless, a strong, well-balanced and potentially lifelong romantic partnership needs far more than such fundamental yet subjective ingredients if it’s going to survive. Teamwork, reciprocated appreciation, commitment, and honest, objective communication are only a handful of the elements required in cultivating and maintaining satisfying marriages. You and your husband or wife most likely understand the importance of these ingredients already, but are experiencing difficulty while attempting to incorporate them in your relationship.

Who Can Benefit from Thriveworks Austin Marriage Counseling?

You really do love your husband or wife, but you just can’t deal with them any longer. You stay together for the sake of your children. Living alone doesn’t seem like a viable option, but being happy in this relationship is no more likely of a scenario. The person you were once excited to spend the rest of your life with seems as invested as a stranger, and the feelings are mutual. You drift off to sleep amid quiet sobs and tears rolling onto the pillow. Serious mistakes have been made, and finding a way beyond them feels like an impossibility.

Does any of this sound similar to your married life? Not exactly the milk and roses you were promised.

Extreme unhappiness in a marriage can come from many places. Some common sources of marital tension include:

  • Problematic finances
  • Failing healh
  • Infidelity, whether emotional or physical
  • Struggling to have children
  • Complications with kids, in-laws or other family members
  • Loss of steady income by one or both spouses
  • A recent move
  • Psychological issues
  • Substance abuse

Maybe you and your husband or wife only recently started fighting. Perhaps your issues date back to before you were even married. Regardless of the longevity or source of your issues, knowledgeable support is within reach.

Divorce is an agonizing and all too common reaction to marital strife. To get your relationship back on track or to work toward bringing it to a positive place its never been, you first need to want things to be better and to seek our a professional who can help you understand what’s really going on. Acknowledging that you cannot do it on your own and finding someone with experience in resolving marriage problems are great indicators that change and restoration are possible.

Can My Marriage Get Better? How?

There may appear to be no way to resolve the issues you and your spouse are experiencing. Many couples feel like any real, lasting change would be impossible. A trained marriage counselor, like the ones at Thriveworks Austin Counseling and Coaching, has an arsenal of techniques and practices that when shared, can help couples learn how to overcome obstacles and progress into a more stable, balanced relationship. Even simply sharing your struggles with an objective third party (not a friend or family member who will likely choose “sides”) will help you better understand the nuances of your problems, which leads to increased understanding and, as a result, reveals potential avenues for positive change and restoration.

A few beginning steps that you will take with your marriage counselor:

  • Acknowledging the imperfections within your relationship
  • Acknowledging that neither spouse is without fault or flaw
  • Recognizing that help is needed in order for things to change and improve
  • Learning how to communicate more effectively
  • Learning active listening techniques
  • Anger management
  • Teamwork techniques
  • Being more intentional about including one another in decisions, however small
  • Increasing the frequency and quality of the time you spend together

This list may appear to be unattainable. You may believe that you and your spouse are incapable of such and undertaking. That’s fine, completely understandable and expected. This is where Thriveworks can step in to help. Our skilled, experienced marriage counselors are trained to deal with the exact problems you and your husband or wife are facing.

In marriage especially — but really, in every part of our lives — it’s easy to fall into repeated behavior patterns, and extremely difficult to break them. These detrimental patterns may have begun so long ago that you don’t know anything else. You may not even notice the repetitive reactions and responses as such, so discovering a different approach and different words is nearly impossible without someone there to show you how. Thriveworks Austin marriage counselors are here to help you create a new climate in your marriage and in your home.

Thriveworks Austin Marriage Counseling Can Provide the Support You Need

The couples and marriage counselors at Thriveworks Austin Counseling and coaching are the leading experts in the field, and have been featured by trusted news publications and media outlets such as CNN, The Boston Globe, NBC, Counseling Today, The Journal of Mental Health Counseling and many more. Let our experienced clinicians put their skills to the task of revolutionizing your marriage.

Appointments with Austin marriage counseling are available within 24 hours. Our zero waiting list policy means that we’re here to provide you with the help you need when you need it — not after weeks of exchanged voicemails. When you call, someone will answer and get you in to a session that fits within your lifestyle.

Perhaps you’ve already spent countless hours in distress reading Internet articles that promise simple do-it-yourself marriage fixes and discovered that the only real way to make a change is to seek objective help. But perhaps you’re hesitating to call. For the sake of your happiness and the happiness of those around you, please do call. You and your spouse deserve to give your relationship a real chance. Your problems won’t fix themselves, and deciding to end the marriage often only makes matters worse.

Thriveworks Austin marriage counselors will analyze your unique set of problems and create a unique plan to navigate through the struggles and back toward marital bliss (yes, it’s real, but it takes work). Let us work with you through the healing process. Let’s restore your marriage and your family life.”

Your relationship doesn’t have to persist (or end) in pain and bitterness, and your reading this article proves that you’ve got what it takes to change things for the better. Our experienced clinicians are here to help you along this journey.

Most insurance providers accepted. Skip the waiting list and meet with an Austin marriage counselor this week, if not within 24 hours.

Your marriage can bring your fulfillment and joy. Let us help you find the way.


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