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A divorce may signal the end of screaming and slammed doors. Alternatively, it may be a complete shock and be causing you to question everything you thought you knew about your life. In whatever situation you find yourself, divorce is a major life transition. It is one of the great stressors of life. Even if your divorce is mutually agreed upon, it will still be the start of a new era in life. You may have to establish a whole new daily routine, complete with a different living situation, financial security, and if children resulted from the marriage, a custody agreement. All of these changes may require that you have ongoing contact with your former spouse, possibly causing even more stress and anxiety.

Thriveworks Austin divorce recovery counselors are ready to help you establish your new reality. If children resulted from your marriage, they may have a great deal of questions and fears. For children in their developmental years, experiencing the dissolution of a family can cause serious strain on emotional health. Spending time processing your own emotions and psychological processes will help you be better prepared to deal with your loved ones. You will have more emotional bandwidth for others if you take time to focus on your own recovery and adjustment.

Unlike most counseling offices, at Thriveworks Austin, we do not operate with a waiting list. We want to be ready to help when we are needed. For most new clients, we have appointments available within 24 hours. Thriveworks Austin counselors are experts in their field, ready to put their knowledge to work for you.

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