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Although medical experts are still officially split on the matter, addiction is a disease and should be treated as one. For so long, people with addictions were thought of as “weak” or as “lightweights”. They were thought of people who lacked control and for this reason society has not been kind to addicts, or really made much of an effort to understand them. No matter what you’re addicted to: cigarettes, drugs, alcohol, sugar, video games, pornography, sex, gambling—you’re suffering from a chronic brain disease and help is at hand.

How Do I Know I’m Addicted?

Your qualified Buffalo addiction counselor will try to determine the following symptoms of addiction:

  • Do you need to drink/take drugs/use porn etc. to feel “normal”?
  • Are you making excuses for yourself and lying to others about your activities?
  • Is your drinking/drug/fill-in-space here _____ habit filling up your life to the extent of affecting your family and your work?

If you can answer “yes” to any of the above questions, you more than likely have a dependency or an addiction problem that’s only going to get worse without professional help. Addiction is no joke and can tear families apart, lead to crime and imprisonment, waste thousands of dollars and also kill. Tens of thousands of people die in the US every year because of their addictions.

What’s the Next Step?

If you’re concerned that you have a problem with substance abuse or addiction, then you really need to contact a qualified professional. There are many Buffalo addiction counseling services that you can choose from, a service that can offer the following to you:

  • Real personalized therapy to get to grips with your addiction
  • Extensive group therapy to work with other addicts help each other move forward
  • Counseling assistance and therapy for your family affected by your disease.

Alongside the above solutions, your addiction counselor will also work with medical staff (if needed) to ensure the best treatment plan for your condition. If you’re in the early stages or deep in the throes of addiction, please call us today for help for you and for those you love.

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