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We all expect a little rebellion from our teenagers. Pushing the boundaries, arguing over curfews, phone usage, and household chores; these things are a normal part of most households with teenagers. However, there comes a point when the arguments, the slammed doors, the lying, and the secrecy become more than we can handle. When this happens, it can be very helpful to have a neutral third party to create open communication and honesty in the family. Thriveworks Birmingham counselors can talk to your teen in a different way than you can, as the parent. We are trained professionals, able to help break down walls and create a healthy space for your child to grow and learn more about themselves.

If your teenager is dealing with a serious issue, such as an abusive relationship, drug or alcohol addiction, or an eating disorder, we also have counselors and therapists able to help diagnose and treat these types of problems. Perhaps you have been worried about your child for quite some time. The sweet, talkative child that you once knew is nowhere to be found. Trust your parental instinct.

When you call Thriveworks Birmingham, unlike many counseling offices, we have appointments available for new clients within 24 hours. We do not believe in waiting lists because we want to be ready when you need us. Your teenager’s emotional and psychological well being is too important to delay any longer.  Call us today.  

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