Marriage and Couples Therapy Appointments in Sugar Land, TX

Marriage and Couples Therapy Appointments in Sugar Land, TX

Have you ever wondered what happens after the ending of a romantic comedy? After the credits roll, does the couple just live happily ever after, or do they have real-life struggles like everyone else?

Relationships may not always be sunshine and rainbows, and that’s okay. It’s normal to have ups and downs in every relationship, as well as disagreements and even the occasional fight. But if you have a lot of unresolved conflict within your relationship, or you feel like you are drifting farther apart, couples therapy sessions can help you turn things around.

Just as there is no shame in asking for help from a plumber when your toilet springs a leak, there is no shame in asking for help from a couples therapist when your relationship hits a roadblock. Our licensed marriage and family therapists at Thriveworks in Sugar Land, TX are trained to help you resolve problems, overcome obstacles, and open up lines of communication.

Common Reasons To Seek Out Relationship Counseling

Couples come to therapy for all different kinds of reasons. You may be having intimacy issues, struggling with the death of a loved one, facing a never-ending disagreement, or something else entirely. Visiting a licensed marriage and family therapist does not mean that your relationship is failing. Rather, it means that you are both committed to each other and to making your relationship stronger.

Here are some of the most common reasons people consider going to couples counseling:

  • Intimacy issues
  • Trust issues
  • Infidelity
  • Feelings of jealousy or insecurity
  • Constant arguing and tension
  • Sexual dissatisfaction
  • Unresolved conflict
  • Arguments surrounding money

Many relationship issues center around a lack of effective communication. If you feel ignored, hurt, misunderstood, or angry, there is a good chance that some level of miscommunication lies at the core. Couples therapy sessions give you a chance to resolve those issues in a neutral, confidential environment under the guidance of a trained professional.

If you think your relationship would benefit from some improvements, consider speaking to a couples therapist at Thriveworks in Sugar Land, TX.

The Benefits of Couples Counseling

When it feels like the world is crumbling around you, it can help to remember the love and good times that the two of you have shared. Doing so can remind you of why you became a couple in the first place and give you a goal for your couples therapy appointments.

Once you start couples therapy, your sessions will be tailored to your specific concerns and goals. If you’re experiencing disagreements that never seem to resolve, a couples therapist can teach you how to resolve those conflicts collaboratively so you come out the other side without feeling resentful and angry. If you’re having intimacy issues, your therapist may help you work through underlying body image or communication issues that are serving as a source of conflict.

There are many different kinds of family therapy that your couples counselor may use to help resolve your relationship issues. They include:

  • Emotionally focused therapy
  • Solution-focused therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • The Gottman Method
  • Imago Relationship Therapy
  • Narrative therapy

Your relationship therapist may also teach you coping skills and distress tolerance techniques so you are better equipped to deal with uncomfortable emotions and triggering situations as they arise.

If you feel like you could benefit from some professional guidance, reach out to our scheduling team to book an appointment at Thriveworks in Sugar Land, TX today.

Schedule Couples or Marriage Counseling With Thriveworks in Sugar Land TX

Here at Thriveworks, we aim to make couples counseling as accessible as possible. We offer weekend and evening sessions for your convenience, and new clients can often get an appointment within 48 hours of reaching out. We also accept many different types of health insurance and offer the option of online therapy by phone or video chat.

Additional enrollment benefits include:

  • Offices open early and close late
  • Appointments that actually start on time
  • Phone and email access to your provider between sessions
  • Ask a coach 24-hour Q&A
  • Text support for billing and scheduling questions
  • Exclusive video content
  • Counselor-moderated community forums
  • A 23.5-hour cancelation policy
  • Access to our Therapy Buddy mobile app

If you want to grow within your relationship and give it renewed strength, we are here to help at Thriveworks in Sugar Land, TX. Give us a call to schedule an appointment with a licensed mental health professional and get your relationship back on track. We look forward to speaking with you.

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