Super Bowl LVI: Whether your team won or lost, there’s a positive link between sports and mental health

As America’s most popular sport, football attracts fans in droves to NFL stadiums and TV sets every fall and winter. Forget about baseball—football has been America’s favorite pastime, and sport, for decades. While most of us aren’t out on the field playing, that doesn’t mean that we don’t become emotionally…

How to have a creative renaissance! (Even when you have artistic burnout. And kids. In a pandemic. When everything is awful.)

For every Taylor Swift flourishing artistically during the pandemic, there are millions of suffering and burnt-out people who aren’t composing songs or painting portraits or writing novels. What have they been doing instead? Well, if they’re anything like me, they’ve been drowning in domestic labor, work, anxiety, childcare, and other…

From working “hard” to working joyfully: Reddit’s antiwork movement shows why this is the year to re-think your relationship with work

One of Reddit’s most popular forums, the subreddit r/antiwork, has exploded in terms of popularity in the past 12 months. Having ballooned from a little over 100,000 “anti-workers” to nearly 2 million at present, this swelling subreddit has turned into a sounding board for Americans across the country to vent…

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