A Prosperity List Keeps You Positive

We want you thrive in every area of your life! Start now by making what we call a prosperity list.

A prosperity list is a record of all the good things that happened to you this week. We recommend that, at the end of your week, you acknowledge all of the things that made you happy this week. They can relate to work, your family or even the successes of others that you found admirable.

When good things happen, people forget them for number of different reasons (click here to view some of them). 

One solution to helping you remember the good things that happen is to simply write them down for your prosperity list.

You might think that there are too many good things to pick from (we hope) in one day to record. That’s where you have to get a little picky. Choose to write down the things that really impacted your mood.

What is the point of making a prosperity list?

Doing this helps you to be grateful and realize that more good happens in your life than bad. No matter how big or small the good may seem, the fact that there is any at all is a reason to keep track and appreciate them.

Here are some examples of what you might want to write down:

  • Your boss extended a deadline for a project that is due.
  • An old friend called just to see how things have been going.
  • The car dealership didn’t charge you for something that you were certain they would.
  • You were able to participate in one of your favorite hobbies this week.
  • A random stranger complimented you.

Of course, what you find good and successful may vary considerably from this list, but no matter what you choose, the goal of a prosperity list is to reflect on any of the happiness you experienced. Also, an even more cathartic experience would be to share the list with a loved one or group of friends.

More Prosperity List Ideas

Want to be even more creative? Instead of making a list, consider writing things down in small slips of paper and inserting them into a jar throughout the week. At the very end (or whenever you choose to), open the jar and go through what you’ve already written down.

If you have your own idea for a prosperity list, be sure to share it with us either on Twitter or in the comments.