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Polyamory: Defining polyamory, navigating polyamorous relationships, and more

Relationships come in all shapes and sizes, and not all are monogamous. While most people are only familiar with monogamous relationships, polyamory involves multiple nonmarital relationships between partners.  Polyamory isn’t about being able to do whatever you want with other people, while still reaping the benefits of going steady with…

Pornography addiction: Learn about the effects of compulsive porn consumption & treatment options

When it comes to pornography usage, mental health professionals are divided. Many believe that pornography may be beneficial for sexual exploration, enjoyment, education, and eliminating feelings of shame surrounding sex—while others deride its consumption, or are ambivalent. Regardless, when pornography usage begins to affect someone’s relationships, self-worth, or daily functioning,…

Transvestic disorder DSM-5: Criteria, symptoms, diagnosis

Transvestic disorder is a paraphilic disorder characterized by emotional distress or functional impairment due to erotic cross-dressing. Is cross-dressing a mental issue? No, it’s not. Cross-dressing is simply the act of dressing as the opposite gender. The behavior is typically practiced by cisgender, heterosexual men who wear traditionally feminine apparel…

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