safe sex

Sex can change with age: Maintain a satisfying sex life by understanding changes in sexual function, communicating with your partner, and practicing safe sex

A common misconception is that as we age, we stop having sex or lose interest in sex altogether. This simply isn’t true, as supported by a recent University of Michigan/AARP poll of 1,000 older adults, or those between 65 and 80 years old.  This poll found that nearly two-thirds of…

Recovering sex addicts struggle to know what healthy sexuality feels like: Here are 6 characteristics of a healthy sexual relationship

Sex addiction is characterized by a compulsive need to engage in sexual acts. Symptoms include obsessive sexual thoughts, preoccupation with having sex—even when it interferes with day to day responsibilities—and an inability to control their sexual behavior. Fortunately, over time, sex addicts can recover and heal from their addiction. This…

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