How does ADHD affect learning? Parents can help their child retain information and learn better

Mr. Stevenson is teaching his third grade class about the importance of using manners—he encourages the students to say “please” and “thank you,” as well as “sir” and “ma’am.”  Afterwards, he asks the kids in the class to write a few sentences summarizing what they just discussed.  McKenzie, though, can’t…

Autism is a developmental disorder that affects learning and necessitates individualized care in the classroom

Have you seen the new hit show “The Good Doctor”? Well, if you haven’t, the show’s main character is surgical resident Dr. Shaun Murphy. Murphy is extremely intelligent and equipped with an amazing memory. He’s passionate about human anatomy and sees the body in a different light—no one’s knowledge can…

Music can help kids better grasp concepts in math and science (Video)

Music can help kids excel in complex subjects like math and physics. Many kids are intimidated by these subjects in school. But music can help them better understand difficult equations and theories, according to researchers from the Athena Research Center’s Institute for Language and Speech Processing. For example, students used…

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