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How does grief affect weight gain or loss? Studies show that appetites are often diminished, which can lead to serious weight loss

A common effect of grief on one’s physical health is a loss of appetite and, in turn, significant (or at least mild) weight loss. This change in appetite often comes with other changes in normal functioning; grieving individuals also typically experience an inability to focus, as well as a lack…

Grief: why don’t I feel anything? Sometimes, instead of experiencing a flood of emotions, people become emotionally numb

In some cases, victims of loss aren’t overwhelmed with difficult emotions, but feel emotionally numb instead. This is a normal reaction, which typically occurs when someone loses someone or something suddenly and unexpectedly. Still, it’s important for these individuals to make sure they grieve well—of which involves understanding and processing…

Are grief and depression the same? Severe grief puts you at a heightened risk of developing depression (Updated)

While the two often blur together, there is a difference between grief and depression. Technically speaking, bereavement (loss and grief) can last for up to 6 months before it turns into a diagnoseable depression. That being said, the grieving process does oftentimes last longer than 6 months—still, you should watch…