Super Bowl LVI: Whether your team won or lost, there’s a positive link between sports and mental health

Super Bowl LVI attracted nearly 100 million viewers this year. As America’s most popular sport, even those who aren’t diehard fans watch the spectacle.  Yet where does our emotional investment in the outcome of a sporting event come from? Some psychologists theorize it dates back to pre-history, with roots in…

Former professional football player Merril Hoge encourages kids to play sports and parents to support them

Merril Hoge is a former professional football player for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Chicago Bears. Unfortunately, he was forced to retire his career early due to the lack of care he received following two concussions in the same five-week time period. Despite the life-altering injuries Hoge sustained playing the sport…

Youth football helmets need more front padding (Video)

Most youth football helmets lack sufficient front padding. This, from the Virginia Tech Helmet Lab, which rated every youth football helmet on the market. Only seven of these helmets received a perfect score for effectively reducing head acceleration during impact. Those with lower ratings typically had front padding that was…

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