exposure therapy

Virtual reality therapy: Could mental health ‘avatars’ be the future of telehealth services?

Virtual reality therapy is a new form of therapeutic treatment that involves the use of avatars—realistic, computer-generated images of a virtual mental health professional that clients can talk to.  A 2022 study noted that when discussing difficult, painful subjects in a therapy session, 30% of test subjects actually preferred talking…

How can therapy help people overcome PTSD?

People who have gone through traumatic events may experience some mental and emotional disturbances. They may not be able to perceive things positively and live life as they did before. There might be flashbacks, anxieties, and fears that may continue to affect their ability to function daily, which are common…

Why do people like true crime before bedtime? Murder media as a psychological coping strategy

True crime documentaries, true crime podcasts, and other forms of murder media continue to be a growing obsession in the United States and beyond — especially among women. Murder media can have positive psychological effects on its mostly female audience, whether they’re motivated by hedonistic (pleasure-seeking) or eudaimonic (meaning-seeking) reasons….

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