Divorce Recovery

The pros and cons of a starter marriage

What is a starter marriage? Well, obviously it’s the beautiful union between a starter wife or a starter husband and their starter spouse. Gorgeous wedding, all the gifts, no children, and they’re divorced within five years. These kinds of marriages have also been called entry-level marriages, icebreaker marriages, warm-up marriages,…

How does divorce affect a child’s future relationships? How can it change their view of love?

Children can be affected by their parents’ divorce in different capacities, depending on the nature of divorce as well as the parents’ relationship post-divorce. That said, there are often harmful effects on children of divorce, as well as struggles in coping and important lessons learned. Regardless of the cause for…

Can divorce cause PTSD? Therapy can help you heal from harmful symptoms like night terrors, flashbacks, and intrusive thoughts

PTSD is often painted a certain way: the result of war, car accidents, assault, and other violent events; however, deep-rooted emotional experiences can cause PTSD, too. Divorce can bring on PTSD, specifically symptoms like night terrors, flashbacks, and troubling thoughts about the divorce or marriage. These symptoms can become exacerbated…

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