bipolar disorder

World Mental Health Day: A time to raise awareness for and prioritize mental health

Just as physical health is supported by proper diet, exercise, and rest, our mental health is just as multi-faceted. Mental health consists of our emotional, psychological, and social well-being.  In recognition of the importance of mental health awareness and treatment, World Mental Health Day is celebrated annually on October 10th….

A blueprint for understanding major depressive disorder (MDD)

Major depression disorder (MDD) is a mental health condition that impacts emotional well-being and can cause severe functional consequences in daily life. MDD is also called clinical depression, major depression, and unipolar depression (to distinguish it from bipolar depression caused by bipolar disorder). In Ancient Greece, depression was called melancholia,…

What does it feel like to have bipolar disorder? Firsthand accounts of the bipolar experience

Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder characterized by extreme fluctuations in mood. These emotional shifts may take place over the course of hours, weeks, or months, and are often accompanied by drastic changes in behavior and functioning.  There are three main types of bipolar disorder. People with bipolar I (type…

Mental health disorders that often go undiagnosed: Bipolar disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder, and borderline personality disorder

The unfortunate reality is that mental illnesses do go undiagnosed, for years or even lifetimes. There are multiple layers to why this occurs, including the individual’s failure to recognize that something is wrong or that the problem requires mental health treatment—additionally, many are hesitant to seek treatment out of fear…

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