Making Weekend Plans

Want to thrive this week? Make plans for the weekend today!

It’s scientifically proven that anticipation actually makes us happy. This study in particular took a sample of people who were planning a vacation and measured their happiness during the entire process of planning, executing and the aftermath of their vacation. They found that people were at their happiest while actually planning their vacation.

That’s because looking forward to something increases and sustains optimism. Though we can’t always be anticipating something as nice as a vacation, we can make plans early in the week that will give us something fun to work for as the work week trudges along.

In other words, what are you doing this weekend?

If you can, try making plans to do something outdoors that you love to do, or you may even want to get away for a day. The best plans are the ones that include friends and loved ones, so planning early ensures that you can get multiple people onboard.

Strapped for cash? Get creative! Here are some cheap or even free activities you can plan ahead on:

  1. Go to a museum.
  2. Most are pretty inexpensive, especially in more metropolitan areas during the weekend. Going with friends can be a fun way to do something different without breaking the bank.

  3. Go for a drive (and take the scenic route!)
  4. Though gas can get pretty expensive, splitting the cost between you and friends (unless you’re with family) easily makes up for it. A fun drive could just be driving through the mountains or even exploring a nearby town for the weekend.

  5. Check out the local entertainment.
  6. If you seek it out, you’ll find that many places (even in small towns) like restaurants and coffee shops will host free entertainment. You’ll spend some on food/drink, but it’s probably a lot cheaper than going to the movies.

For a list of interesting, money-free weekend suggestions, check out these 15 ideas that range from creative to “Why didn’t I think of that?”